We have had an amazing backpacking adventure since December.  Our adventure was not in backpacking itself but being introduced to a couple that had such a great impact on our lives, Chris and Yvonne.  We were introduced to them at an event here in Crucita in December.  They had just answered an ad for house/dog sitting here in Crucita Ecuador which is what brought them to our tiny town.  We became good friends and we invited them to stay on with us after their house sit ended as they truly loved Ecuador and wanted to see a few other sites while here in the country.

King Solomon once said Iron sharpeneth iron, so a man sharpeneth the countenance of his friend.  God allowed us brief time together to sharpen each other in so many ways and it will never be forgotten.  We had the privilege of hearing so many incredible accounts of their travels literally all over the world.  We were recently watching a show on Netflix with them called 72 Most Dangerous Places to live and I kid you not, Chris seemed to know each one and in many cases has either visited or lived there!

Our times together have been filled with fun, laughter, joy and they have been an incredible support to us both physically when we moved to a new location as well as mentally and Spiritually.

Their time here has also been a time of growth for them as well.  Chris decided last night that he wanted to be baptized in the Pacific ocean at sunset.

Today is a somber day for us as their time here has come to an end…..for now.  We watched them board a bus headed for Quito and then on to new travels.  We are hoping and praying that God brings them back here in the future.

I’m not saying goodbye…..only hasta luego mi amigos.  Safe travels and come back soon!




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