Today was an exciting day to witness baby turtles hatching and scrambling towards the sea.

It was beautiful to see them head for the ocean with no mama there to tell them where to go.  They just knew.  Their lives are sweet and fragile and I know that percentage wise many will not survive the unforgiving ocean with its predators searching for their next meal.  Regardless, life is beautiful and to have the privilege to see this was amazing.   At times, the waves would get so close to the babies within centimeters, but not quite enough.

The next wave would take them head of heals into the water topsy-turvy to start their new life and adventure in the sea.   As the babies reached the water, I could hear shouts and claps from the local children.  And then as quickly as the excitement of that turtle reaching the water was, it was over as the ocean drew them in.

Ironically at the same time this was happening, I looked up and saw a funeral procession on the Malecon.  I couldn’t help but wonder who this person was and what their life was like.  Their loved ones respectfully carried the coffin down the street as is the custom in Ecuador.  While others sang beautiful songs in mourning.

All life is precious and we never know when it ends here on this Earth.  I’m reminded just how fragile our lives are.  For turtles, it may only last seconds or minutes.  Or it could last for many years.  Likewise, as humans we never know when our time on Earth is over either.  This past week, a friend from WI passed away.  He was only in his 50’s.  The week before, another beautiful young mother and wife that I know from WI passed away in her 30’s.

I’m reminded to take advantage of each day on Earth that I have.   I’m reminded to be kind, compassionate, and forgiving.  I’m reminded to count my blessings.  I’m reminded to be ready to meet my Maker at a moment’s notice because life is precious and we never know how much longer we have here.


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