Giving thanks on Thanksgiving

Today is Thanksgiving and we are without internet.  I’m hoping to have it up by this afternoon since I have a tentative Skype date with my family (mom, sister, brothers) back home.  I emailed my sister Lin yesterday and we arranged for 3 central but then added in a second email this is providing we have internet.  So, it may or may not happen.

I’m learning to not depend on the internet which is a very foreign concept for me in my past life in the US.  Since I try to be thankful always, not just on Thanksgiving, I thank God that I have the opportunity to type this out on a computer while sitting on my patio and watch the beautiful Pacific waves roll in with fishing boats all anchored patiently waiting for their catch in the distance.

Our neighbors, Jim and Cat, who are both retired truck drivers from the states are without power.  I feel horrible for them because they have been having serious power issues ever since they moved in just a week prior to us.  They are renting the large house next door which is owned by the same couple that owns our beach house.  Unfortunately, for the past couple of weeks, their power has been out almost as much as it has been on.  Daily, it seems, we’ll get a call from Jim asking us if we have power.  Most of the time we do, but they do not.  Since it is common here for the power to go out, they like to know if it’s an area wide thing, or specific to their house again.  Being that these properties are owned by the same people, the internet is basically shared and when their power goes out, our internet goes out.  So, we have been without internet for the vast majority of the month, yet I’m very thankful that we have power.  We are hoping that their problem gets resolved quickly or they may need to relocate to a different property.  Not having power affects so much more than not having lights.  We take for granted that we will have a refrigerator and freezer functioning properly without fail, but obviously lack of power is something serious for food storage when you are in a warm climate.

Today, being Thanksgiving, we were supposed to share a Thanksgiving meal with them at their house, but at this point that has been cancelled.  I was hoping they would come here as I am making two small chickens but they are staying home and sitting this issue out and hopefully getting it resolved.  I’m planning on mashed potatoes/gravy and a version of green bean casserole.    I say this because I was not able to find French Fried onions which is what makes it so yummy.  So, I will improvise and use fresh cut up green beans, mushroom soup from a package and hope it tastes good.  I was able to find Campbells Mushroom soup here as they keep some things on hand for the gringos however you pay gringo prices then, and in the case of the soup it was over $2.50 a can.  So, no thanks I will make up mushroom soup from a package and hope for the best.  Their other dry soup mixes I’ve had the opportunity to try are quite tasty, so I have no reason to believe the mushroom soup won’t be just as good.   

I haven’t been able to find frozen pie crusts here and since I don’t even own a pie pan, making my own crust isn’t going to work.  So, we will not have pumpkin pie or pecan pie etc.  Instead I’m making a peach crisp and hoping it turns out. Since there’s no internet, there is no real recipe, so in times like this you make something up.  I used a large can of peaches which I cut up, an Ecuadorian Torta mix and poured melted butter over the top.  My simple version of peach cobbler. 

I have much to be thankful for though including the ability to cook in our gas oven and stove top.  I’m also very stoked about sitting out on our upper patio on our new wicker chase lounge chair.  We purchased it in Monte Cristi two weeks ago at a reasonable price.  Monte Cristi is known for their wicker furniture (all hand crafted right there in their tiny shops), Panama hats (yes, they come from Ecuador) and hammocks.  The wicker furniture does not come with cushions as those need to be purchased or in our case custom ordered separately.   We were able to locate a tailor in the same town who makes cushions, and we ordered a cushion with outdoor fabric in blue, white and green.  Last night he delivered the cushion to us, which was lovely but was the wrong colors.  In my broken Spanish, I explained that we ordered it in blue and he said no this is what we ordered.  However, Dave had the foresight to take a photo of the pattern when we ordered it, which we were able to show him.  Poor guy looked like a puppy with his tail between his legs because he knew at that point he couldn’t argue.  He is going to make a new one and deliver it two us with the correct fabric next week.  He told us that he ordered the fabric and this is the color that arrived.  I told him I was very sorry, but I was expecting the blue as well.  No problem…it will be re-made.  In the meantime, we are very much enjoying the cushion on our wicker furniture which we hadn’t been able to use for the last couple weeks. 

Since beginning to write this, the neighbors have declined coming for dinner as Cat has been upset about the electrical situation and they want to hang tight in case there is a change this afternoon.  Our friends Jill and Sy are coming over though last minute and I’m glad we can share a meal with someone as I’m cooking plenty of food. 

The potatoes are prepped and brining in salt water, the green bean are snipped and ready to go and the two small hens are in the oven.  In Ecuador, the chicken parts which are packed in the body cavity include the gizzard, liver, head and feet.  I’m very used to the gizzard and liver, but the head and feet not so much.  So, we are delivering a Thanksgiving meal of two chicken heads and 4 feet to the stray beach dogs which will gobble it up (no pun intended) in no time. 

It is a gorgeous sunny day here in Ecuador, dinner is on and we have so much to be thankful for!  Even though we are not having the normal meal with our family as we do every year with turkey, stuffing, the fixing and so many varieties of pies; we are having a meal none the less.  Reflecting on the old hymn, “Count your Blessings” is a great reminder of how we should be always regardless of our circumstances. 


2 thoughts on “Giving thanks on Thanksgiving

  1. Amen sister! Happy Thanksgiving to you and Dave. Jenny just wondering what made you decide to move there? I’m sorry but I don’t know the story.
    Who? What? Why?


    • Hi Carol…I’m thinking the answer is God for all three, but we have always wanted to move south of the border and Ecuador kept coming up as an affordable Latin American country. Our kids are all out of the house now, so we decided to save up some money and take the plunge. How long we will be here is unknown, but we are definitely on an adventure! Nice to hear from you.


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