Moving To Ecuador

Hello!  My name is Jenny Newhouse and this blog is designed to be both educational and hopefully somewhat entertaining (particularly in my writing skills…I’ve never done anything like this before).  I will attempt to capture what life in Ecuador is like for foreigners relocating there (both my husband Dave and I and our two small dogs).   I’m going to write about both our adventures and even our struggles in this new journey.  So sit back and enjoy the journey with us!

First, most people ask why we are doing this.  The easy answer is:  “Why not”?

But, here’s some history:  Dave and I have been married for almost 17 years and together we have 5 grown children, 1 son in law, 1 daughter in law and a brand new grand baby!  Both of us have backgrounds in sales, Dave having worked in the insurance industry for 20+ years and I having worked real estate for 10+.  Most recently our sales gigs were Dave selling campers and RV’s for Quietwoods RV in Neenah, WI and I sold safety and compliance materials for JJ Keller in Appleton, WI.   Neither of us are motivated by money, nor material possessions.  Our idea of success and enjoyment is not a new car, an amazing house or trendy clothing but rather enjoying simple things in life and travel!  We were blessed to be able to take quite a few trips south of the border and after each trip we would both come back saying “we could handle living here”.  Of course each time was more of a pipe dream not to mention the experience of comfortable resort living.  But we still were always drawn to Latin American culture, the slow pace of living, the beauty of the Spanish language and the beautiful climate that typically accompanies such places.  So for the past 15 or so years we have always dreamed of moving to a place like that.  This was not an impulsive decision for us to move and in fact about 3 years ago we started to prepare for something such as this even though we didn’t have a definite plan in place yet.  We started in 2013 by selling our large 4 bdrm home in Neenah WI where we raised our children.  With around 3500 sq ft of living space including the lower level basement, we had to eliminate a lot of stuff that accumulated over the years.  I new mind-set had to develop in terms of what was needed, what was wanted and what was just there because.  We sorted through things such as kids memorabilia, karate equipment, sets of China dishes, boxes of tax returns, seasonal decorations, yard tools and much more.  We were able to reduce down to a much smaller proportion of basically the same items to live in an 1800 sq foot home which we rented for the next 2.5 years!  In January of 2016, we both agreed the time was now to do this.  The kids were out of the house, we had saved some money, and we both still have good health!   Essentially we opted to get rid of everything and not put things in storage but rather take about 8 totes of personal belongings with us and sell or donate the rest.   So how was Ecuador decided upon?  Well interestingly, we have never even visited Ecuador but have been to countries such as Costa Rica, Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic and were able to experience life outside the resorts.  We’ve experienced the poor plumbing, sketchy electrical, no WiFi service and unbearable humidity.  So we know somewhat what to expect in any Latin American country.   We considered Costa Rica for quite some time, however everyone and their brother seems to be drawn to that country and it is not exactly cheap anymore.  We found the prices to be comparable to that of the US and in order for us to make a move like this with limited funds saved, we needed to find something more cost-effective.  We had researched Ecuador over the years off and on (not seriously) and found how inexpensive it was to live there.  Ecuador seemed so far away though, and we were set on Central America….not South America!  But after much consideration, prayer and watching a final episode of International House Hunters Ecuador, we decided this was the place!  We started visiting the expat (Ex-Patriots) forums and blogs and found an expat with a  beautiful little house for rent on the coast just north of Manta in a town called Crucita.  The home is right on the ocean, affordable at this time and dogs were allowed!

So that’s it folks!

We will be arriving in Ecuador (flying into Guayachil) on October 10th.  In the mean time, we are spending time with our oldest daughter Brianna, her husband Jac and our adorable little granddaughter Emma.  On October 4-9, we will be visiting our daughter Brooklynn in Jacksonville FL and then we leave for Ecuador.

Again, I hope you enjoy this new journey with us!


5 thoughts on “Moving To Ecuador

  1. That is Awesome Jenny I am so excited for you and Dave… You two have left a huge inpact on my life already and I have been so Inspired by you…. Im not quite there to live my life in 8 totes but we have way less now than ever before… Once the kids are grown I am thinking of doing the same as you. I wish you and Dave the best and I cant wait to come visit you:)

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  2. Can’t wait to meet you Jenny and Dave, I know everything will be alright once you get settled here in Ecuador. I’ll see you at the airport in Guayaquil the 10th , will bring you to my B&B and drive you the next morning to Crucita.. All the best, Jorge

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  3. Won’t belong until we meet. Are you in los ranchos? If so we are just a short walk north along the beach in last gilces. Our story is very similar to yours. We had never been to Ecuador before the grand move. Arrived with four suitcases from Ontario, been here 4 1/2 years now. New neighbours…yeah!. See you soon

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